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(Top Producer Turned Internet Geek)

Hi, I'm Jason Weinberger, founder of Future Proof Agent™. As a Toronto based Realtor for 15 years, my passion for technology naturally developed while building my own business.

I was frustrated with knocking on doors, cold calling and "turning over rocks" to keep my business growing. I watched the world increasingly move online and knew that's where I needed to focus. So I started teaching myself the nuts and bolts of Google Adwords, Landing Pages, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing. Soon, my business started to grow (winning multiple awards along the way) and agents started to notice. I would often get stopped in the hall by colleagues asking for help. That's when I had my "aha moment" and decided to start offering live Seminars to Brokerages.

Fast forward 5 years and here I am; offering online training to agents globally in a convenient and flexible way to learn how to generate online leads and take their business to the next level. Together we've built a thriving community of over 300 Future Proof Agents.

Being an experienced Agent myself, I understand the challenge of maintaining a consistent "stream" of business and can show you how to have leads knocking on YOUR door. But enough about me.. how can I help YOU?

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